Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Electroneum (ETN). mobile mining crypto

We are Not Much into ICO But Electrnoeum is Something Not To Be Missed!

Many People Became Millionnaires Because When 1 Bitcoin's Price was $0.25 and Now it is about $5,800!

Here is Another Chance...WHY?

Until October 18 2017, You can Purchase Electroneum Coins For $0.01 and Receive 10% Bonus!

For Every $1.00 Purchase You will Receive 110 ETN Coins!

If you Purchase $10 Worth you will get 1100 Coins!
If on November 1st this Coin Goes to $10.00 a coin you have just made $12,000.00!

0.01 Per Coin can make you R$CH.

Imagine When Price SOARS!

WHY Electroneum?

- Duncan Logan the CEO of RocketSpace A Long Time Investor of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But he said #Electroneum will be the First ICO he will ever Invest in!

- Big Investors Like Uber, IBM, Spotify and Hootsuite..
- Electroneum is First coin to be Created in the UK!
- The Most user friendly Coin Powered by an App!
- Focused on the Mobile Game and Gambling Industry Will be Massive!
- You can Mine Electroneum on your App by playing Games!
- A Decentralize Blockchain with a Centralized App!
- Fastest transactions ive ever seen 2 sec
- Electroneum is starting at a Penny!
- App is Ready and Live for Downloads on Andriod.

14th September They Started Giving Coins 31st October They Close With Bonuses!

Till October 18 2017, You Have Chance Of Getting 10% OFF For Bulk Coins Purchased!

$0.01 Per Coin ( Bitcoin, ETH) Accepted!

Join now

After signing up, PM me to guide you how to buy the coin easily , I will also add you to my cryptocurrencÿ investment group.

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